Job Opportunists of the Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department students.

Oil and gas engineers work in a variety of professions in local and international oil and gas companies, as well as services companies that support oil and gas industry. Graduates of this specialization can work in the following fields:

  • reservoir engineers: by working through the use of advanced computer simulation models to determine the best operations of oil and gas extraction and determine the type and location of wells and production facilities.
  • Drilling engineers, who work with geologists and contractors by supervising drilling operations at sites.
  • Production engineers, developing processes and equipment to improve oil and gas production from reservoirs or supervise the operation of such equipment.
  • Working in oil services companies in different fields.
  • Education and training in universities and oil institutes.
  • Consultation.

The students of the Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department receive a set of knowledge that focuses on all the theoretical and practical details in this field, which qualify them as specialists in exploration, drilling, production and oil field management through basic and applied courses in oil and gas reservoir engineering, production engineering, Oil and gas transportation and petroleum geology. The study also include simulation, modeling and management of oil & gas reservoirs, as well as a focus on the use of computer applications in the fields of oil and gas engineering. In the formulation of the courses, great importance was given to practical training both in the Department's laboratories and in the specialized companies in the fields of the oil and gas industry.