BUY open Mechatronic Engineering Dept.

Adapting to the growing need for trained engineering technologists within the high speed packaging industry is the emphasis of the bachelor’s degree program in Mechatronics Engineering Technology. The marriage of modern control systems with mechanical devices is the key to the design and development of high-performance engineering systems. The program combines mechanical design, manufacturing and electrical control within a foundational context of packaging machinery.

The main task of mechatronics engineer is to put intelligence onto physical systems. Thus the specialty of mechatronics engineer is in control systems. In order to achieve these tasks, different kinds of control systems should be studied along with their different kinds of inputs and outputs. The inputs/outputs of any control system are either electrical or mechanical. The inputs/outputs are sensed and activated using electronic sensors and actuators and the data acquired by these sensors is processed by a central processing unit. 

Thus, Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of electrical, mechanical, electronics and computer engineering.

Just a few examples of computer-controlled mechanical systems are robots, engine-fuel systems, hybrid automobiles, autonomous aerospace vehicles, stair-climbing wheelchairs, garage door openers and alternative power generation systems through modern Mechatronics engineering, new avenues of thinking and design can greatly enhance the utility, performance and efficiency of modern machinery.