Vision & Mission


Shaping the future of BUY and the higher education through rock-solid services, innovation, technology leadership and strong community collaboration to be the leaders in producing highly qualified graduates.


Our mission is to graduate highly valued, ethical business professionals prepared to excel in a dynamic global business environment. The college of business administration emphasizes excellence in teaching, enhances and supports faculty commitment to ongoing research, professional development and service. Developing students' business function knowledge and their critical thinking, communication, interpersonal, and quantitative skills. Seeking to strengthen base of all sectors to ensure continued excellence.


We aim to deliver business administration skills and knowledge with underpinning set of principles:

  1. Defining and demonstrating foundational business administration knowledge, technology leadership, staff development and rock solid services.
  2. Delivering services with consideration of high-quality preparation for careers in business and administration practices; occupy the quality of Higher Education and Academic Accreditation.
  3. Promoting innovation and creativity to find solutions that delight the community and support the university's goals